Anti-aging Body Mist

Results to expect

  • Icon Preserves skin hydration
  • Icon Improves skin elasticity
  • Icon Firming
  • Icon Enhances skin structure
  • Icon Radiant and plumper looking skin
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An easy-to-apply, velvety-smooth formula combining vitamin E, vitamin B3 and sweet almond oil to smooth away roughness and reveal glowing skin. The silky, lightweight emulsion absorbs quickly to visibly replenish skin’s natural moisture and provides protection from free radicals. Your skin will be well-nourished and instantly smooth and glowing. Elasticity and firmness are gradually improved.


    Results obtained following a clinical study and an independent consumer testing panel using the product twice daily consecutive for 4 weeks

    • AFTER 4 WEEKS:
    • Icon 85%: skin softness improves
    • Icon 75%: more radiance
    • Icon 75%: firmer skin
    • Icon 85%: overall skin appearance improves
    • Icon SWEET ALMOND OIL: softens and nourishes, and delays skin aging thanks to its regenerative virtues. Leaves dry and sensitive skin soothed and improved.
    • Icon RADIANCE: boosts microcirculation and contributes in the nutrition and oxygenation of the skin. Skin looks refined, radiant and revitalized.
    • Icon VITAMIN B3: improves skin hydration and promotes younger looking skin. Skin appears even-toned and rejuvenated.
    • Icon VITAMIN E: reduces signs of aging and delays premature aging. Aids in keeping skin plump while promoting tissue firmness and overall glow.
    • Icon PROVITAMIN B5: reduces signs of aging and enhances skin structure while diminishing loss of moisture and lipids. Keeps skin plump and promotes tissue firmness and glow.
    • Icon HYDROFLUX: a new hydro-concept that hydrates and restructures the skin. Water reserves are increased instantaneously and water loss decreases. Skin becomes better equipped to combat external aggressions.
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Beauty advice

After bathing, spray evenly onto skin from 15-20 centimeters or 6-8 inches away. Wait 45-60 seconds for body mist to be absorbed. Massage leftover residue into skin if needed.

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What it is

Appropriate for all skin types, this sheer mist, lightweight, sprayable emulsion with quick absorption provides instant moisture and plumping.