Hydrating Soothing Face Mist

Results to expect

  • Icon Moisturizing, protecting and soothing
  • Icon Hydrates and replenishes skin
  • Icon Provides protection from free radicals
  • Icon Boosts collagen production
  • Icon Skin is nourished and revitalized
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The very fine mist combines the 5x-filtered water infused with sea heather and powerful samphire extracts to boost cell regeneration and hydration, leaving skin revitalized and glowing. This energizing water is also enriched with soothing provitamin B5 for rejuvenating and rebalancing the skin.

    • Icon SEA HEATHER: extracted from brown seaweed, fights free radicals while also preventing inflammation. Skin is protected and soothed with improved comfort.
    • Icon PROVITAMIN B5: protects and restores, has soothing properties and maintains the skin’s natural moisture levels, leaving it feeling velvety and smooth.
    • Icon FERMENTED MINERAL COMPLEX: consists of five fermented, essential minerals (copper, silicon, magnesium, iron and zinc) to help boost collagen formation. Easily recognized by the skin, this complex increases vitamin C absorption and aids in oxygen circulation.
    • Icon SAMPHIRE EXTRACT: has powerful remineralizing, regenerating and restructuring powers; leaving skin energized and rejuvenated.
  • Grace

    Honestly I never understood the idea of all facial sprays, until I tried this one. I apply it daily: in the morning on top of the day cream, and after I cleansed my skin before going to bed. This water really adds hydration! No matter how good your day or night cream is, Instytutum Alive water will double the effect. It also nourishes the skin making it super soft and moistened. I really recommend it, especially if you never tried a good one before like me!

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Beauty advice

After bathing, mist onto face from a distance with closed eyes. Throughout the day, Alive Water is great to use as either a touch-up mist to refresh make-up, or when skin feels dehydrated and in need of a moisture boost. It can be used on the cotton pad to remove the transforming cleansing milk. Appropriate for all skin types. Five-step filtrated water infused with high performance active ingredients. Ultra-fine instant hydrating mist. Fragrance-free.

Works well with

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What it is

Appropriate for all skin types. Five step filtrated water infused with high performance active ingredients. Ultra fine instant hydrating mist. Fragrance-free.

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